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Dealing with Stress | Teaching can be a stressful profession with its many and varied responsibilities. Dealing with stress is now part of the job. It is likened to running a family which requires the knowledge of Homer, the patience of Job, and the courage of a lion ... Read more.....

Classroom Behaviour Plan | It can be difficult for teachers to maintain appropriate behaviours from all students in their care. As their teacher you will become apt at knowing what appropriate behaviours are and what behaviours are disruptive and at times unacceptable....Read more.....

Interactive Picture Books

Language Learning in Early Childhood and Elementary Years | From the moment we are born we are surrounded by language. At first we rely on tone of voice and familiarity of people around us for our security. Language learning begins as a form of security for ... Read more

Understand your Children’s Learning Styles | Every child is a unique individual with their own personality traits and learning styles. Children have vivid contrasts in their development compared with peers and their own siblings. Knowing your child’s learning style will help you, and them, understand the different ways in which they process information.... Read more

Play Dough – A Complete Learning Experience | Play dough uses the senses of sight, smell and touch. It encourages concentration; develops fine motor skills and encourages hand/eye coordination. Play dough explores imagination; initiates language and complements numeracy.... Read more

Mouth Patterns and Speech | Mouth patterns and speech development go hand in hand in the early childhood years. Children often find it difficult to suck through a straw, blow bubbles or extend their tongue very far past their lips.....
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New Teacher Survial Guide

New Teacher Survival Guide | As a new teacher your first posting could be to a place you have never heard of. You will be the new teacher on the block and you will need to develop the skills necessary to make the transition from your comfortable home environment to one that is ...Read more

Kid Friendly Rubrics | Rubrics have gone in and out of fashion throughout the years, but there is a real place for them in creating responsibility in your students. Kid friendly rubrics give students accountability for their work, and increase their independence.....Read more

Ideas for Brain Breaks | All teachers need some great ideas for brain breaks. No matter what a student’s age, if they are sitting for too long, they run the risk of becoming restless and losing focus. Wise teachers offer students brain breaks, .... Read more

All About Reading Activity Bundle

Ways to Get Kids Excited About Reading | It is important that books are presented in ways to get kids excited about reading. Everyone has heard time and time again about how reading is the cornerstone for so much academic learning. Students .... Read more

Mathematical Concepts – Building A Strong Foundation | Math is a word that can still strike up fear in some adults, while other people say that they love math and that is was always their best subject. It is an area that comes quite easily for some.... Read more

Interacting With Children – Effective Caring | Parents who place their children in childcare do so with the expectation that the child’s physiological and psychological needs will be met. A major part of meeting these needs depends on how well the carer interacts with .... Read more

Tackling Separation Anxiety | How Long Can It Go On? | As teachers and caretakers of children we have experienced the distress of all concerned when a child displays separation anxiety. That tearful time that often starts at home with a calm understanding parent, and enters the childcare center or school ... Read more